InLine, 2014

InLine is a sophisticated tool for linear lighting: 

InLine directs the light with precision to the desired surface. 

It is a unique lighting tool that enables to create a whole range of different lighting scenarios, from diffused general light to homogenous indirect light to direct accent light. This is achieved deploying a light direction principle based on the interplay of two individual lenses. A primary lens concentrates the LED light while a secondary lens directs it to the desired surface. Additionally, a diffuser that evenly distributes the light is also available.

Photo: Belux 2014.
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Davy Table, 2014

Davy is outdoor table designed for the Hans Coray Landy chair. The table is weatherproof and well suited to a wide variety of outdoor settings. The table has a punched hole in the middle of the top to accommodate a sun umbrella. Up to four tables can be stacked at an angle, and the height of the glides can be adjusted to level the legs on uneven ground. Its construction is composed of anodised aluminium sheeting and aluminium tubing, making it lightweight while also giving it a high degree of strength and rigidity.

Photo: Vitra 2014.
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Roll-Up bin, 2013

The Roll-Up Bin can be playfully rolled up like a pair of jeans. In this charming way, it adapts to various needs.Its holding capacity varies between 10 liters and 30 liters. Despite its flexibility, the Roll-Up Bin stands securely on the ground. PVC-free TPU material has pleasantly rubberlike feel and is extremely robust. Thanks to all-around welding, the Roll-Up is completely waterproof. It is optimally suited as a planter or universal storage unit.

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Design preis schweiz, 2013

Comments by the jury:

The central feature of this lamp is flexibility, and it has been realized here in the most convincing way. The magnetic fixing of the lamp head is in itself a simple solution, but permits a maximum of mobility in this versatile product, which can be used in the widest range of practical situations. The jointed function of the magnetic system finds evident expression in the design of U-TURN. The lamp is an excellent example both of intelligent conceptual thinking in the field of product design and of effective technical implementation, which here succeeds in living up to the idea to the fullest extent.

Photo: Design Preis Schweiz.
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U-turn family, 2012

U-turn is Belux‘s new LED family of spotlights for home and professional use. The spotlights are based on a patented ball-and-socket joint and their hands-on movability offers optimum individuality and flexibility. U-turn is an invitation to interact. Light and light effects become tangible.The lamp family comprises numerous models, including reading, suspended, floor, wall, ceiling and universal lamps. As a result, U-turn can be used throughout the home and in selected professional areas.

Photo: Belux 2012.
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Sport bottle cap, 2010

Following an invitation from Valo Oy advertising agency and the Finnish Fair Corporation, I worked on the idea of enhancing the value of a mass produced object, with a minimal quantity of added material. A water bottle that can be hooked to a back pack. A cap‘s shape that also makes the opening easier. By combining a hook shape and the initial PET bottle cap, the whole bottle becomes more valuable by adding new functions to the classic one.

Photo: Michel Charlot 2010.
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